We are one of the best health clinics in town, with over 25 certified and qualified doctors serving the community since 2021.

I have been through multiple disorders in my body and for the treatments I wandered around uncountable hospitals but my body got treated best at Rudraya. The doctors, nurses, staffs everyone there is too professional and experienced.


Prabhav Kumar

My sister was suffering from mental illness. So, i went there for her treatment after facing disappointments from every other hospital. Highly experienced and well qualified doctors are available here and the staffs too are very good.


Abhinay Kushwa

 I had eczema since a long time. No one was able to cure me of this disease. Paras Hospital stepped in and returned me my fair and flawless skin in no time. I have been to many other hospitals and clinics because of my problem but I am very sorry to say that almost none of them are able to treat or cure me. This hospital with excellent staff and responsible and sincere doctors helped me out a lot. I am very thankful to them

Anoop Rawat