Orthopedic And Trauma Unit

We provide 24 x 7 emergency health services to our patients so that they don’t face any problems during treatment. Our specialized Dr P L cynefin and his team members are always ready to take care of trauma patients by relieving pain and taking life saving measures . The entire team at Rudraya is always ready to take care of  broken bone , spine and joint disorders. Team work is critical when it comes to critical care. Our entire care team works together, using strict protocols to minimize infection, complications and ensure speedy recovery. Nursing staff and clinicians have an excellent coordination particularly at patient’s bedside. As always, you can count on us to do what is right for you.

We are aimed at helping people with all we have to reach us in critical situations. Over and above this, it is our aim to provide best trauma care to those who require it. It is our mission to save lives and we are constantly motivated by this.

Dr. P. L Cynefin


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