Psychiatry/ Mental health.

Integrative Neuropsychiatry/ Mental Health Services for all age groups.

We manage – ( under services)

  • Depressive illness
  •  Anxiety spectrum disorders (Social or General Anxiety, Repetitive negative and suicidal thoughts, Fear of something, Panic attacks etc.
  • Addiction – smoking, alcohol, cannabis, smack, other chemical drugs/mobile phone.
  •  Child & Adolescent Psychology & behaviour therapies- Autism, ADHD, Learning difficulties, communication and emotional problems etc.
  • Hearing Voices, seeing weird things, suspiciousness.
  • Family, Marital, Couple problems.
  • Medical Detox, De- addiction counselling, Deaddiction centres.
  •  Sexual/ Deaddiction problems.
  •  Life coaching.
  •  Existential Questions
  • Mindfulness training
  •  Training, Webinars & Seminars- Schools, Colleges, Corporate offices, Governu
  • Old age psychiatric problems— Dementia, Behavior problems.

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